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You’ve heard this story before, as HFT and StatArb methods quickly gained
acceptance with outstanding risk-adjusted returns, only to gradually diminish
as over-crowding strangled opportunity in the space.

Similarly, the plurality of existing AI investment models are either limited in scope
to MPT automations or deploy the same predictive modeling, trained on the same
historical data, and generating the same output as their competitors.

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*TRIDENT figures are non-leveraged, cost-adjusted -0.10% per round-trip.

You need a proven solution that generates alpha and is fundamentally unique,
insulated from the effects of over-crowding, and you need it immediately deployable
on cost effective terms that don’t create an undue burden on your return.

TRIDENT takes idea generation and portfolio construction one step further. Our
proprietary deep learning architecture and derived data sets combine to augment
the intrinsically familiar MPT with a predictive, forward-looking component.

  • Determines likely asset price targets.
  • Internally charts the resulting efficient frontier of available securities.
  • Constructs optimal or bespoke portfolio allocations.

*Rebalancing conducted upon intraday signals and on an end-of-day basis.

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