When you look down at a line of ants you know exactly what they are going to do. Their perspective is much different with no clear visibility of their final destination.

People behave similarly, acting in ways that feel random, but the purpose behind their actions would be clear if you could see the whole picture.

TRIDENT Fills in the Blanks

Outliers Drive Outcomes


See which assets are deviating from the norm to capture opportunities & minimize downside exposure


Extensive selection of fast-moving correlations between assets across multiple timeframes to strategically hedge your positions


Psychographic signal trajectory & heatmap overlays suggest highest probability entry & exit points


Current and Historical Relative gravity factor weights help you identify and prepare for directional emerging volatility

How Does TRIDENT | AI Work?

Through unique measures of behavioral finance, TRIDENT | AI identifies & delivers insights on how market participants ACTUALLY (sometimes irrationally) make buying and selling decisions, along with supporting intuitive data visualizations so you can know WHO you’re trading against, WHAT they think, and HOW they’ll act. TRIDENT | AI is ready to be deployed as a standalone system or as a risk-mitigating & opportunistic signal overlay to existing strategies.

Did You Know?

Between 1980 to 2014, 40% of the Russell 3000 index suffered catastrophic losses while 7% of the constituents supplied virtually all the returns. Outliers matter.

  • Coverage

    1000+ US-Listed Highly Liquid Equities & GICS Sector Proxies

  • Granularity

    Visibility on the Broad Market of Single-Names, GICS Sectors & Custom Baskets

  • Intuitive

    Easy to Grasp, Actionable & Explainable Data Visualizations

  • Reliable

    Self-Correcting AI Architecture Adapts to Changing Market Conditions

  • Cost Effective

    More Calculations than a Team of Analysts Working Around the Clock

  • Scalable

    License Count Flexibility with Monthly Recurring Agreements

Hedge Fund Manager & TRIDENT | AI – Pilot Customer:

“We took a hard risk-off posture halfway through the week before the big hit. Compared to [long-only benchmark], we’ve gained ground by nearly 9% without taking on extensive cost.”

...The same fund manager would go on to post double-digit positive returns during the coronavirus selloff and a wider market correction of over 40 %.

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