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At the convergence of industry leading multidiscipline expertise and bleeding edge AI research &
development, Kievanos delivers proactive solutions to intricately complex financial problem sets.

Turning diversity-rich heterogeneous datasets from the qualitative to the quantitative is our second
nature. Where data is king, Kievanos can give your company dynamic, actionable insights on your investments,
delivered in formats as robust as they are eloquently succinct and digestible.

Who We Serve

From binary signals for hedge fund and family office managers to generate ideas,
correct exposure, or bridge the divide between equity and real return strategies, to
full portfolio construction toolsets for the investment divisions of major
corporations to enhance diversification and ensure cyclical profitability, affordably.

Those who might dare to ask why so many instances of market inefficiency are
disregarded as anomalies, why an entire industry devotes a fortune in resources to
guess a random walk, and yet wonder whether true market behavior lies
somewhere between these extremes.

You strive for equality, opportunity, empowerment, and sustainability. Kievanos
can help you achieve your mission with decisive growth and unwavering principal
preservation through a variety of strategic partnership structures and benefits.

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At Kievanos, we deliver cutting edge Artificial Intelligence systems for discerning fund managers and investing professionals. Contact us to start a dialogue.