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We Build the Tools that Build Wealth

At the convergence of industry leading multidiscipline expertise and bleeding edge AI research & development, Kievanos delivers proactive solutions to intricately complex financial problem sets.

Turning diversity-rich heterogeneous datasets from the qualitative to the quantitative is our second nature. In a world where data is king, Kievanos can give your company dynamic, actionable insights on your investments, delivered in formats as robust as they are eloquently succinct and digestible.



We are the development team behind the immensely successful Nereus Protocol, a multifaceted proprietary machine and deep learning quantamental artificial intelligence designed to optimize equity strategies and capital deployment at scale, with a focus on quantitative risk-mitigation throughout all stages. With Nereus, buy-side institutional sustainability – enduring profitability – is no longer the exception, but the expectation.


Kievanos fully supports FinClub.AI, the first-in-class and first true artificially intelligent stock screening SaaS model. This streamlined access of refined market analytics from Wall Street to Main Street finally joins the worlds of innovative technology and retail investors in a collision destined to pioneer a new era of widespread wealth creation.

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At Kievanos, we deliver cutting edge Artificial Intelligence systems for discerning fund managers and Investing professionals. Contact us in the section below to start dialogue.