About Us

Kievanos exists to serve one singular purpose:

We provide market participant behavioral intuition drilled down to the single name level. Lessons learned from chaotic environments, further enhanced by ground-breaking developments in machine learning and deep learning architecture, have paved our new pathway to predictive intelligence.Our unique approach identifies significant asset price action precursors, translating into proactively deployable information in the confident, capable hands of our clients


Mark Gorzycki is driven to explain the seemingly chaotic systems that surround us. A technologist at heart, with his head in the clouds of innovation evangelism and feet firmly on mathematical solid ground, he strives to untangle the paradoxes of conventionalism within financial markets. Mark brings an eclectic background of strategic and disruptive quantitative solutions in the government and private sectors, leaving a trail of defeated “insurmountable” problems in his wake. As a Kievanos Co-Founder, his objective and primary focus is to openly demonstrate that what many deem unimaginable is simply that which hasn’t been imagined… yet.


Mahesh Kashyap is dedicated to exploring and applying artificial intelligence to make lives easier and more prosperous. A deeply experienced, successful technology entrepreneur and proven strategic leader, Mahesh leverages a multitude of diverse skillsets and resources in order to construct the next generation of multi-asset class intelligent autonomous trading systems. As COO and Co-Founder of Kievanos – as well as advisory board member to several innovative companies – he is passionate about helping others who share our vision of building a better world through the deft deployment of AI.


Advisory Board

Nick Breedlove is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and enabling entrepreneurs everywhere to change the world. Nick has lived the full life cycle of entrepreneurship in technology, services, and for social impact. Beyond this experience, Nick was a Naval Aviator for over a decade, and currently advises Fortune 500 and Federal organizations as they transform into digital enterprises. As an Advisor to Kievanos, Nick is determined to introduce the world to the ground-breaking applications of its artificial intelligence platform for market investment at scale, freeing investors from the shackles of traditional returns and risks. Nick has degrees from the U.S. Naval Academy and Harvard University.