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We are the development team behind the immensely successful Nereus Protocol, a multifaceted proprietary machine and deep learning quantamental artificial intelligence designed to optimize equity strategies and capital deployment at scale, with a focus on quantitative risk-mitigation throughout all stages. With Nereus, buy-side institutional sustainability – enduring profitability – is no longer the exception, but the expectation.

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Kievanos fully supports FinClub.AI, the first-in-class and first true artificially intelligent stock screening SaaS model. This streamlined access of refined market analytics from Wall Street to Main Street finally joins the worlds of innovative technology and retail investors in a collision destined to pioneer a new era of widespread wealth creation.


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KIEVANOS and Deep Cognition have partnered to develop DataFin, a deep learning enhanced analytical and information delivery tool for SEC official filings.


The world is full of modestly capable software companies adept in adequately addressing mundane requirements, but if your development goals seek to address a problem as encompassing as the challenges to be overcome are daunting and you require a reliable partner in designing and implementing the next groundbreaking AI model, apply for consideration by presenting your use case in the “Contact Us” section.